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Request a payday loan consolidation program in Minutes

Payday loan consolidation is a product targeted at people with a larger number of payday loans. It consists in extending the loan period with a simultaneous reduction of the monthly obligation. The borrower, who is beginning to have problems with maintaining many payday loans, can definitely take advantage of payday loan consolidation via this url. However, it should be remembered that incurring a consolidation loan is nothing other than incurring an ordinary loan, i.e. our creditworthiness will be verified.

Consolidation loan

Therefore, if we are just starting our financial problems and we do not see the possibility of repayment of previous bank liabilities, we should think about consolidating all monthly installments into one. However, this change does not always bring benefits to the borrower. Experts recommend caution to people considering converting several loans into one, especially Mortgage. Banks use loans in connection consolidation, higher margins than before. The costs of the new committee should be carefully analyzed and recalculated. When compared to previous commitments, you may find it more convenient to have one loan, but it will be more expensive. This is for a specific reason when converting several loans into one Mortgage extends the repayment period. The borrower is relieved by the reduction of the monthly installment, which may fall by as much as half, but the total cost of the loan increases. This happens regardless of the fact that the interest rate drops.


In the case of cash loans

In the case of cash loans

The interest rate cut is DOSC significant, it can fluctuate within even a few points. However, the Mortgage Loan binds the client with the bank for a longer period of time, which can reach up to 30 years. The financial analysis clearly shows that while the mortgage installment may actually be lower by more than half, the amount of interest paid to the bank over the entire loan period will be almost three times higher. It is also worth analyzing additional fees related to the new loan. Banks often add additional insurance, which undoubtedly affects the Final cost of the commitment. The consolidation is advantageous for the borrower only when the sum of the new installment is lower than the sum of the remaining ones to be paid for the consolidated installments. Otherwise, the consolidation of loans remains beneficial only for the bank.