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How to Build a Racing Lawn Mower

How to Build a Racing Lawn MowerLawn mower races can be fun, but only when you have the right racing machine that can maneuver sharp corners and withstand a bumpy ride. One great way to cut back on your cost is to convert an old riding lawn mower simply into a racing car. Here are the steps:

  1. First, you will need smaller pulleys, a lawn mower, wrenches, and possibly new, bigger tires and a new muffler.
  2. Replace the original pulleys with smaller ones to boost the speed of your new mower. Detach the motor from the lawn mower, and then carefully flip the machine upside down. Take the dry belt off of the pulley. Use your wrench to remove the tap and bolt holding the pulley into place, and then replace it with your smaller pulley. Check whether the dry belt has any signs of wear and tear or general rotting. Replace accordingly. Peg the dry belt back onto the new pulley, making sure that there are no loose bolts.
  • Check for holes and corrosion on the muffler. The muffler should be replaced at the tiniest sight of a pin hole, as this can compromise the speed of your racing lawn mower. Clean off any corrosion.
  • Look for the governors on the carburetor and unhook them. If your lawn mower has multiple governors, chances are one of them is connected to the throttle feeds, and the other goes straight to the gas feed. Unhook the one leading to the throttle feed to boost your lawn mower’s power.
  • Check whether the tires have enough air pressure. You may want to replace the back tires with huger ones with ruts for seamless riding in dirt and muddy conditions. If you have to change the front tires, replace them with smaller ones.
  • Be sure you are familiar with the guidelines of the racing track you wish you try your new racing lawn mower. Depending on their personal rules, you may have to leave your mowing deck attached to the mower. The mowing deck will go a long way toward keeping your speeding lawn mower steady and even, which can come in handy especially around curves and bends. Some tracks may give you the option to remove it.
  • Lastly, paint and decorate your racing lawn mower to your desired taste. It may be fun adding a tracking number to the machine!

How to make your racing lawn mower go faster

First of, you need to understand that some riding mowers are just faster than the others because they are equipped with more powerful engines. Read lawn mower reviews to see which ones are known for speed. But don’t worry if you can’t afford one of the fastest ones as there are ways you can boost the speed of your mower. You will need air filter, high octane gas, wrench tool set, and possibly a screwdriver.

  1. Take off the housing pegged over the flywheel, and then unscrew the bolts below using the appropriately sized wrenches.
  2. Look for the bolt at the edge of the governor and unscrew it. It should be located right beside the flywheel, on the magneto. Remove the governor after unscrewing the nut at the side. Return the bolt with the governor out. Free the springs connecting the carburetor linkage with the governor. Reinstall the housing over the flywheel.
  3. Make sure the muffler is secured to the exhaust shack. Any gaps or wrong seal between the exhaust port, gasket, and muffler can cause the engine to diminish in horsepower and lose back pressure.
  4. Find the right size wrench to unbolt the air filter guard at the top of your lawn mower. To maximize the airflow, replace the air filter with a clean one.
  5. Add 92 octane gas to your mower’s gas tank. This is a high octane gas that is relatively costly but burns much faster to boost your engine’s power!

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Why Racing Drivers Need a Good Night’s Sleep Before a Race

racing-sleepRace car drivers compete with each other by driving around a track at top speeds while avoiding crashes to see who can cross the finish line with the fastest time. The job requires great hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, an eye for detail, and quick problem-solving skills.

Why Racing Drivers Need to Sleep Before a Race

Could you imagine if a race car driver didn’t get enough or good quality sleep before a race? His hand-eye coordination will be off. His reflexes will lag. He will overlook important details. He will not be as quick or creative at solving problems that arise. A good night’s sleep recharges your body and mind for optimal performance the next day. For these reasons, a racing driver must get great sleep the night before a race.

Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep

Every once in a while, even the easiest sleepers run into sleep problems: falling asleep, staying asleep, falling back to sleep, or waking up tired. Follow the following tips for a guaranteed restful night of rejuvenating sleep.

Eat and Drink Right

Eating a heavy meal and indulging in too many alcoholic beverages before going to bed will keep you up at night. Instead, eat a light meal and have only one nightcap. Studies show that one drink before bed is good because it relaxes you just enough to help you fall asleep easily.

Relax Before Bed

Slow your body and mind and prepare for bed by engaging in activities that relax you. Reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, stretching your body, meditation, or getting a massage from your partner are all easy ways to relax before going to bed.

Make Your Room Comfortable

Studies show that most people sleep best when they keep their room a little bit cool. Try lowering the thermostat just a little bit; you don’t want your room so cold, you’re shivering. Invest in some blackout curtains to keep the light out, and keep your alarm clock turned away from you so you’re not tempted to constantly check on the time.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

A comfortable bed is the foundation for good sleep. Go a little further than great sheets and pillows and invest in a mattress that feels like heaven. Once you sink in, sleep will take over in no time. Top choices would be memory foam, you can use to read reviews online and find the best one.

Use Your Bed for Sleep and Sex Only

Using your bed for anything else than sleep and sex makes it hard for your mind to associate your bed with sleep. Do yourself a favour and keep your books and laptop off the bed, better yet, out of your bedroom.

Race car drivers need to be mentally and physically prepared on race day. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep interferes with race drivers’ performances negatively. Avoid poor performance, crashes, injuries, and at worst, death, by eating and drinking right, relaxing before bed, making your room and bed comfortable, and using your bed only for sleep and sex.