Disability, getting loan insurance despite the health risk.

Disability, loan insurance

Disability, loan insurance

If you have a physical or mental disability and want to take out a home loan to buy a home, you may encounter some problems borrowing because a disability is considered by financial institutions to be an “aggravated health risk”.

To obtain a mortgage, you need to take out loan insurance. In the event of death or disability, it protects you, covers your family and allows the bank to be reimbursed by the insurer.

Banks have their own loan insurance: the group contract. But since this type of contract is an average level of risk spread between the different subscribers, your banker may refuse to grant it because of the high risk to cover for your disability. It is therefore necessary to consult other insurers to find the insurance you need to access the loan. 

Use the Insurance Delegation with the Loan Insurance-Loan-Not-Expensive Broker

Overcome all the obstacles related to your aggravated health risk handicap (refusal insurance loan handicap, premiums insurance loan too expensive, insurance with exclusion of disability risk guarantee) by delegating your loan insurance with Insurance-Loan-not-expensive!

Knowing perfectly all the difficulties you may encounter when applying for a loan:

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With Loan Insurance-Not-Expensive, you get the cheapest insurance on the market you need to get your home loan.

Quotation Insurance loan risk aggravated health handicap

Quotation Insurance loan risk aggravated health handicap

Use the comparator Insurance Loan-not-expensive to quickly perform your comparison and receive customized disability risk insurance quote at the lowest rates on the market!

Pre-disability insurance comparator

  • Aggressive risk loan insurance rate
  • Disability credit guarantee quote
  • Personalized loan insurance study
  • Health risk health questionnaire
  • Free reminder of a dedicated advisor

AERAS Convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) convention helps people who are denied their loan application due to aggravated health risks. The device is triggered so that their loan application file is re-examined (3 levels of examination) in order to find a solution.

Get your mortgage in the best conditions by delegating your insurance!

The Cogilaw Company of September 2010 gives borrowers the possibility of taking out other loan insurance than that of the bank. By using the insurance delegation with the Loan-Loan-Insurance-Broker, you get the cheapest customized loan insurance contract on the market and are certain that your bank will accept it