In Investments Your Account Manager Is Not Your Friend

All bank customers have experiences with risky investments that did not go as expected, many even lost part of the capital they invested.

If you recall the moments that preceded the negotiation with your account manager about the investment product you would be elected to apply part of your financial assets, you will easily remember that on several occasions you have heard.

The Account Manager is a

The Account Manager is a

No doubt. Regardless of the financial product your manager is proposing to you, your concern is the bank’s business strategy. The goals it has to fulfill, and above all, its professional development.

As much as your account manager worries about your financial situation or your assets, it will never look for the best investment opportunities, but rather you propose the financial products that are in the field. In this context it is crucial to know how to invest your money.

Will Avoid Speaking of Process Costs

Will Avoid Speaking of Process Costs

This is not to say that your account manager will omit the costs of the financial products, it means that they will only talk about them when the business is almost complete or only a signature is missing.

The exit costs are usually forgotten (in Portugal they are common)

Few account managers will talk about the costs of redeeming any investment product. It may not seem significant, but in many investment products the costs of redemption are considerable, up to 5%.

Pay Attention to the Net Profitability of Costs and Taxes


It is certain that you have heard from your manager that a particular investment fund in the campaign has an expected profitability of 4% per annum, and even if you do not earn it, your capital is guaranteed. In this scenario, even if you do not receive earnings, you also do not lose money.

Is it really? Ever heard of inflation? Of course, every day, in the media, we talk about this indicator which is nothing more than a price index.

If inflation is high the purchasing power is low, meaning the money is worth less. So if your investment does not yield at least the annual inflation rate, you are losing money. If you do not pay anything, your money will be worth less, even if you receive all the money you invested.

Diversify Implies Greater Customer Loyalty

While for any investor diversification is protection, it is to create an investment portfolio capable of obtaining the best average performance, so your account manager to diversify is to retain your customer loyalty.

It is creating conditions for a global customer, that is, a customer who receives interest and pays interest and commissions. Interest with credits and facilities and commissions with all the products that the bank sells, such as various insurance that sometimes does not require.